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Know Your Strengths - December 2020

Do you know your top strengths? Being confident in knowing what you are good at helps you approach situations with a strengths mindset, enabling you to respond more creatively to challenges.

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Building Resilience Muscles - November 2020

The foundation of resilience lies in building five muscles—three are specific skills and two are personal choices that are consistently chosen. The key to resilience is understanding yourself and identifying the mental obstacles that get in your way.

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The Mental Strength Workout - October 2020

Our mind is our most powerful tool that we have during times of adversity. You can learn skills and strategies to exercise the power of your mind and increase your mental fortitude.

World Mental Health Day is held annually on October 10th and is an opportunity for all of us to raise awareness, advocate against stigma, and take steps to support better mental health for one and all. This year, we want to provide the tools and techniques to help individuals take a positive and active approach to prioritizing their own mental wellbeing. Building Better Mental Health Recorded Webinar: The Building Better Mental Health webinar is pre-recorded and will be released to your Employee Assistance Program website on Friday, October 9th. The webinar will be available for quite some time after, so you can choose a time and day to view that works best for you. This session will include:

  • Learn about the importance of managing their mental health
  • Understand the impact of self-stigma
  • Discover ways to combat negative thoughts
  • Explore practical ways to optimize levels of mental wellbeing
  • Consider ways to utilize the resources and support available
  • Develop a plan for positive change

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The Secret to Work‐Life Balance - September 2020

In our busy and fast paced lives, it can be difficult to effectively meet the demands of our work without compromising our personal lives. This insightful session will uncover the secret to securing a healthy work‐life balance.

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Outsourcing Your To-Do List - August 2020

Everyday mundane tasks can often drain our time and distract us from more high-value activities. By outsourcing the more thankless chores, we can discover a world of potential leading towards a happier and more fulfilling way of life.

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Explore New Horizons and Expand the Mind - July 2020

Seeking new opportunities and expanding the mind is a powerful contributor to our mental health. This empowering session will help participants to discover the possibility and promise of seeking and exploring new horizons.

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Say What You Mean the Right Way - June 2020

Have you ever been misunderstood? In this session, we will identify barriers to clear communication as well as discuss how to apply tips for effective communication and dealing with difficult conflict.

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Accepting Aging: Yourself and Others - May 2020

As we notice physical and mental changes in our parents or older loved ones, it can cause us to contemplate our own aging. In this session, we will look at "normal" age-related changes and also identify ways for you to come to terms with your own aging.

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Effective Communication with Children - April 2020

Tune in to this session to learn about different communication styles and how to communicate effectively, starting in early childhood.

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Planning for Professional Growth - March 2020

Professional growth and success don’t just happen by chance. In this session, we will discuss the four stages of professional careers and provide you with tools to develop a self-assessment plan that can lead to your career growth.

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Managing Workplace Stressors - February 2020

This session focuses on the professional or workplace items that could be causing you stress, providing you with information and strategies to address and manage these stressors effectively. 

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Your Financial Checkup - January 2020

Just like a regular health checkup, this session will walk you through a "financial
checkup," guiding you through the necessary steps to examine your finances. 

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Examining Relationships: Healthy vs. Unhealthy - December 2019

Stronger relationships in the workplace typically means more collaboration, happier co-workers, higher productivity, and less burnout. However, when workplace relationships are unhealthy, it could mean the opposite. Bullying in the workplace is not okay, but receiving legitimate feedback or a disciplinary action is. Building strong relationships, whether they are family or romantic, friend or professional, can have a positive impact on your life.

This session helps participants identify the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and what kind of relationships to avoid.

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The Sandwich Generation: Meeting the Challenges of Multigenerational Caregiving - November 2019

Looking at a few common family dynamics from elders who feel anger and shame at losing their independence and role in society, to children who are confused, frustrated and embarrassed by a grandparent’s decline‐caregivers have a lot to worry about. As stress increases, caregivers should know how to identify the triggers that indicate that they may need more help and external service providers.

This session provides a timely overview of how to cope as a caregiver in the ‘sandwich generation’, including competing pressures of family life and work while caring for a young and/or elderly relative.

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Emotional Wellness‐Building Better Mental Health - October 2019

In a fast paced and high pressure world, it is essential that we are armed with the self-awareness and personal strategies to enjoy a life of positive emotional wellness and optimal mental health.

The aim of this session is to provide participants with the insight and knowledge to make changes to their habits and lifestyle choices to enhance their wellbeing

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Maximize your Day: Effective Time Management - September 2019

If time management is so easy to accomplish on one’s own, then why do we feel so
overwhelmed? Time management is a learned skill. It requires self‐discipline and a desire to become conscious of how personal daily activities are managed. It is important to learn to prioritize important events and explore the role of delegation and communicating delegation requests with others. 

This session will provide a basic explanation of the time management process and the characteristics of effective time managers.

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Effective Budgeting - August 2019

Examine your obstacles to reaching your financial goals, learn how to manage your debt, and develop a personal debt reduction plan. Budgeting is an important life skill,
whether you need to pay down a debt, safe for a future purchase, or put money into investments.

This session will guide you through the process of tracking your spending so that you understand how you currently spend money.

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Making a Life While Making a Living: Work-Life Balance - July 2019

The conflicting demands of work and  home can create stress and zap the time  and energy needed to get everything  done. Balancing what needs to be done in  an effective manner can lead to more  satisfaction with both home and work  lives, personal and professional. 

This session will help participants identify  various ways to achieve balance with  personal, family and work responsibilities.

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Mindfulness Matters - June 2019

Mindfulness is being aware in the  current moment, knowing what you  are doing, and where your focus is.  Mindfulness is a powerful tool for the  workplace. By practicing mindfulness,  you can decrease distractions, increase  productivity, and set yourself up with a  better mood.

This session explores the basic principles of mindfulness and discusses the positive impact it has in different aspects of one’s life.

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Healthy Mind Toolkit - May 2019

Having a healthy lifestyle leads the way to having more energy, being more productive, and being empowered to do more, and do it better. Scheduling time to improve your wellbeing with small and simple steps can have a large positive impact on your life.

This session will help participants learn practices for restful sleep, balanced nutrition, healthy relationships, regular mindfulness practice, and more, as practical tools in their "healthy mind toolkit."

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Understanding Resilience - April 2019

When we are resilient, we are able to adjust quickly to new conditions, change our personal direction if required, and incorporate every life event more smoothly into our lives.
Resilience involves being aware of our feelings and accepting them, which is
one of many things. 

This session will help participants understand what being resilient entails. They will delve deeper into the first step towards resilience, which is understanding and acknowledging one’s feelings.

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Interpersonal Communication ‐ Social Skills for Success- March 2019

An ability to interact with others in an  appropriate way is essential for success. Yet, a growing reliance on digital communication in the modern workplace has made emails the medium of choice for every day
interactions, and this has impacted upon the way that we  naturally interact, slowly diminishing our chance to develop our interpersonal skills.

This session will explore verbal and non‐verbal  communication and help participants understand how their behavior may be interpreted by others, helping to grow positive and effective working relationships.

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Mental Health Drives Performance - February 2019

Being equipped to be able to respond to peers and support co‐workers in a manner that is helpful is an important emotional health skill. An employee
may hear news of a recent bereavement of a family member, and look to their teammates
for support in the workplace. 

The goal of this session is to develop and train employees to provide emotional support to co‐workers who are facing individual emotional concerns. 

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Building Positive Relationships at Work - January 2019

Being able to build supportive relationships is half the battle. Often the key to our success lies not so much in our subject matter expertise, but in how we get our relationships to work for us.

Healthy workplace relationships not only make our work enjoyable, they make our work better.

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Say What You Mean the Right Way: Healthy Forms of Communication - December 2018

Just Ask!
When you don’t communicate your needs it can lead to frustration and feelings of resentment. Whether it’s a promotion you deserve or more support from your partner with household duties, your Employee Assistance Program is available anytime, any day, to help you ask for what you need.

There are many ways to communicate how you feel to the people in your life. Explore how you can use communication to strengthen your relationships.

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Caring for Aging Relatives - November 2018

Talking Together
Talking to aging parents and relatives about sensitive issues like their need for personal care or when to stop driving can be difficult for everyone involved. Your Employee Assistance Program is available anytime, any day with help on how to approach these conversations, when to have them, and who should be involved.

Older relatives may require more care than family or neighbors can provide. This seminar is a helpful first step to determine what
kind of care is needed.  

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Recovering From Stressful Situations - October 2018

Bounce Back
Deadlines at work or responsibilities at home can raise our stress levels and   lead to feelings of burnout. The ability to bounce back from that stress is called  resilience.

Your Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7 to help you   strengthen your resilience and find ways to bounce back.  

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Creating a Personal Development Plan - September 2018

Charging a Course to Reach Your Goals
Setting goals gives you focus, a way to measure your success, and motivation  to avoid getting distracted. Simple strategies like writing goals down, sharing them with others, and giving yourself a time limit will help keep you on course.  Your Employee Assistance Program can help you find ways to achieve your goals.  

Simple strategies like writing goals down, sharing them with others, and giving yourself a time limit will help keep you on course.  Your Employee Assistance Program can help you find ways to achieve your goals.  

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The New Developmental Milestones - August 2018

Technology and Keeping Your Kids Safe
Is it time to let my child have a cell phone? Take care of herself after school?  Have his own Instagram account?

Parents today have more to worry about  than when to get a child their first bike or have their first sleepover. Your  Employee Assistance Program is there 24/7 with information and resources   to help you decide when your child is ready to take the next step.

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Eating Your Way to Wellness - July 2018

Making Sense of Nutritional Information
Nutritional labels do a pretty good job of letting you know calories, fat grams, and  fiber in a serving, but other terms used can be misleading.

Your Employee Assistance  Program is available anytime to help you learn to look beyond the hype to make sure  you are getting the most nutritional value from your food. 

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Reducing Sedentary Behavior - June 2018

Improve Your Health with Proper Ergonomics and Frequent Movement
Research has found that a sedentary lifestyle is just as or more harmful than smoking. But we can impact this by incorporating frequent movement into our lives!

An overly sedentary lifestyle has become so common that the scientific community has coined a name for it: sitting disease. Sedentary people are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and even colon cancer. Your Employee Assistance Program can help you find ways to add more activity to your daily routine and reduce sedentary behavior.

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Basic Skills of Adulthood - On Demand

Basic Skills of Adulthood
Get a handle on basic life skills to be self‐reliant and prepared for anything.

Your Employee Support Program can help with:

  • Articles on living alone, home maintenance, personal savings, and more
  • Home safety checklist
  • Legal information on buying a car or home
  • FAQs on self‐care and more

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Creating Positive Interactions - On Demand

Keeping it Kind
Workplaces bring together people with differing viewpoints, backgrounds, and belief systems, and conflict may be inevitable. This can interfere with productivity and may actually drive good employees away.

Your Employee Assistance Program is available any time, any day, to you navigate these conflicts and maintain positive relationships with your coworkers.

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Budgeting and Personal Finances - On Demand

Staying on Track
Budgeting can help you plan for short‐term goals like dinner at a nice restaurant or longer‐term ones like a vacation or buying a home. The best feature of any budget is the peace of mind it can provide you.

Your Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7 with information on budgeting and ways to stay on track.

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Self-Care: Remaining Resilient - On Demand

Being your own best friend
At times we all are too hard on ourselves, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations or making poor choices that impact our physical or mental wellbeing.  

But that shouldn’t be the norm. Practicing self‐love has the power to make you feel worthier to accept the love of those around you. Let your Employee Assistance Program help you to find ways to be your own best friend.
Learn to identify ongoing symptoms of stress and how to find a healthy approach to the demands of work and home.

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Embracing a multicultural workplace
Each member of the workforce brings unique skills, background, and experience vital to the successful organizations. A diverse workforce is a rich source of creativity and problem-solving.

A multicultural workplace brings together a variety of ethnicities, races, religions, genders, and abilities. Organizations that address the challenges and embrace the positive impacts of multiculturalism are more likely to succeed and grow. By taking advantage of the wide variety of viewpoints that multiculturalism provides, organizations make room for more thoughtful decision making, innovation, and creative thought. Your Employee Assistance Program can provide guidance, information, and resources to help you embrace the multicultural workplace.

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Gratitude Adjustment - On Demand

The Mind-Body Connection
Keeping the body relatively calm is crucial to well‐being and optimal health. Becoming aware of how your body feels when it is under stress is important to maintain a relaxed and calm state.

Research has shown that people who express gratitude are happier, have better relationships, are more likely to exercise and eat healthfully, and have improved immune function. Simple acts of gratitude like keeping a gratitude journal, telling others how much you appreciate them, and volunteering can all provide powerful benefits in your mood and health. Your Employee Assistance Program can help you find ways to express your gratitude.

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Information Overload - On Demand

TMI - Find your way to the right resources
Managing the enormous amount of information that is thrown at us is difficult. Understand what contributes to information overload and apply tips and tools for effectively managing information.

It is estimated that more information has been created in the last 10 years than was created in all of humankind before that. All of this information is constantly coming at us in the form of texts, tweets, e‐mails, and videos. But how to sort through it all? Your Employee Assistance Program is a great place to start. Our consultants can help you find the information on search engines, online resources, local libraries, and our own website.

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Saying Goodbye - On Demand

Bereavement: Coping With Loss
Grief and loss trigger conflicting emotions. Explore your own reactions to loss, from a death to divorce. Learn why some people are stuck in a “grief rut” as you discuss more healthy ways to grieve.

Losing someone or something close to you can bring up deep feelings of grief and sadness. The death of a loved one, divorce, or other event is typically followed by a period of grieving. The idea of honoring that grief process refers to both your own personal grief and that suffered by those around you. A grieving person must be given the space to heal in his or her own time. Your Employee Assistance Program is available to help you understand the process of grief and healthy ways to respond to it.

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MIXOLOGY - On Demand

Managing in a Multi-generational Workplace
Identify the characteristics and key motivational factors of each generation. Explore commonalities and discuss differences to build strong teams while bridging the generational gap.

Multi-generational workplaces allow employees the opportunity to learn skills specific to a variety of age groups. Younger employees may be more adept at using technology, while older workers have a better grasp on traditions and company history. Mixing older and younger people provides opportunities for both to mentor each other and contribute to an organization’s success. Your Employee Assistance Program can help with resources and information on how to thrive in a multigenerational workplace.

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Creating supportive environments for children - On Demand

Raising Well‐Adjusted Kids
Review the current research and science behind raising well‐adjusted kids. Learn tips to foster positive mental health in the children and teens in your life.

Safe and supportive environments at home, school, or child care are crucial for a child’s healthy development. Children who have healthy relationships with parents, teachers, and caregivers are more likely to thrive both emotionally and physically. Without them, children can experience stress just like adults, and that inhibits their ability to learn and threatens their self‐esteem. Your Employee Assistance Program has information and resources to help raise your children in supportive environments.

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Staying Power - On Demand

Resilience skills for caregivers
Caregivers often take on the emotions of those they help or rescue. After understanding how compassion fatigue can develop, you’ll learn specific strategies to reduce stress and to develop resilience.

Caregivers spend so much time seeing to the needs of others that they have a tendency to neglect their own physical, spiritual, and emotional health. This can lead to feelings of sadness and anxiety, difficulty in relationships, and medical problems. Resilience, the ability to handle stressful situations and move beyond them, is vital for a caregiver’s overall well-being. Your Employee Assistance Program can help with tools and resources to increase your staying power.

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Accentuate The Positive - On Demand

Taking a more mindful approach
It’s not negative thoughts themselves that are the issue; rather, it’s when we believe those negative thoughts. Learn how to gain control over negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

Research into the power of positive thinking has shown that it helps reduce stress, fight depression, enhance coping skills, strengthen resistance to the common cold, and increase your life span. Maybe the best news about positive thinking is that it can be a learned skill. Learning to recognize negative thinking, participating in positive self-talk, surrounding yourself with positive people, and regular exercise are all ways to become more positive. Let your Employee Assistance Program help you to discover new ways to accentuate the positive.

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Ignite A Spark - On Demand

Expand your life through creativity: Creativity 101
“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture”—Ken Robinson. Learn how to tap into your creativity and ways to apply it in both your personal life and your work environment.

Creativity is not just for the artist. Using the left side of your brain can actually make you happier, less anxious, and more resilient. Working your brain in different ways can disrupt thought patterns and help it to grow and develop new paths to stress relief. Your Employee Assistance Program can help you find outlets for your creative streak. That stroke of paint may help you spark your creative side and put your mind in a different frame.

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Mind Your Money - On Demand

Maintaining Personal and Fiscal Resiliency During Tough Economic Times
Learn how to develop a “stress plan” to visualize a more positive financial future. Understand the process of prioritizing your needs and exploring the full extent of your assets

Financial worries are the most common source of stress globally, but few people have an understanding about how their money works. Becoming financially literate is the best way to avoid problems with credit and debt, and to save for big purchases or a comfortable retirement. Your Employee Assistance Program can assist you with a full selection of financial articles, tip sheets, financial calculators, and other tools to help you get the answers you need.

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Making and Breaking Tradition: Doing the Holiday your way - On Demand

Is stress getting in the way of your holiday enjoyment? Explore ways to minimize the tension and increase the fun for all involved.

The holidays are a time rich with family tradition. But what if your family doesn’t fit that traditional image? It’s time to let go of the stress of trying to create the perfect holiday and form traditions of your own. Your Employee Assistance Program is here to help with information and resources to help you do the holiday your way.

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Know Your Numbers - On Demand

Find out which health screenings are most important for you and what those numbers mean.

We have more health information at our fingertips than ever before, but what do all those numbers mean? You need an MD to make sense of your HDL, LDL, and BMI. Understanding your health screening results is key to wellness. We have resources and information to help you make sense of it all. Let your Employee Assistance Program help you add your numbers up to better health.

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Changing Relationships: You and Your Aging Parent/Relative - On Demand

Learn how to access care options and communicate productively with aging adults who can no longer live independently.

Caring for an aging adult requires a variety of duties like food shopping, transportation to appointments, grooming, housekeeping, and bill paying. Caregiving can bring with it a great deal of stress, especially if the caregiver has other family commitments or is working outside the home. A collaborative effort between family members and service providers can lighten the burden. Let your Employee Support Program help your family work together to care for an aging adult

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