Employer Toolbox

We value the partnership we have established with you. This toolbox is being provided as a straightforward and comprehensive source of information and resources to assist you with the use of your EAP benefit. This Toolbox explain the EAP Administrative Referral process , answer any questions you may have, seamlessly make a referral to the EAP program, and assure you that the strategy you have designed to deal with your situation is supported by your EAP program. Please click on the relevant links below, or if you need to speak with us, call 1-888-276-6632.

Guide to Effective EAP Utilization

Instructions on how to make an administrative referral to the EAP.

Administrative Referral Packet

Required forms when making an administrative referral to the EAP. After the packet is completed and signed by employee, please fax to 716-712-2796, ATTN: EAP.

Employer Quick Guide to an EAP Referral

The purpose of this document is to describe the types of referral an employer can make to the EAP program.