Employer FAQ's

Q. What is an Employee Assistance Program, or EAP?
A. An Employee Assistance Program is a comprehensive problem-solving resource that is provided by you, the employer, to your employees. eviCore EAP works with you to design a custom EAP product that offers direct counseling services and a wide range of supportive work life benefits. EAP’s demonstrate to employees that their employer cares about their well-being and offers them proactive solutions to any situation that may be affecting them, their families and even their workplace performance.

Q. How will the EAP support our existing Personnel Policies & Procedures?
A. eviCore EAP works in partnership with your organization to ensure we understand and support your existing policies and procedures. We encourage you to provide us with all relevant personnel information which is reviewed by our EAP team to ensure that we understand your organization. We also work with you to assist employees with understanding and adhering to these policies.

Q. How do you ensure satisfaction?
A. eviCore EAP provides your organization with quarterly and annual aggregated reports which contains confidential information about the value of the EAP benefit. This information can also include details about improving the marketing of your EAP product. We will inform you of any improvements that have been made to the EAP to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, customers of direct EAP services will be given the opportunity to complete a confidential satisfaction survey, which helps our organization meet its quality assurance goals.

Q. Can an Employer refer an Employee to the EAP?
A. There are three ways that employers can refer employees to the EAP:

  1. 1. Employees can confidentiality contact the EAP directly by calling the toll-free number at any time (1-888-276-6632.) This type of contact is called a Self-referral and is completely confidential between the employee and the EAP. Employers can help to encourage this type of referral by consistently marketing and reminding their employees of this valuable benefit.
  2. 2. When employees approach you with concerns, or when you begin to identify early performance issues, you can suggest to the employee that they take advantage of the EAP benefit. This type of referral is called a Suggested referral. This referral is still completely confidential between the employee and the EAP.
  3. 3. When an employee is experiencing significant and ongoing performance problems, or when an employee has violated a policy and procedure such as your drug and alcohol free workplace policy, employers/supervisors may refer employees to the EAP using an Administrative referral. This type of referral is in partnership with the EAP and includes a formal process of documenting and communicating information to the EAP. During this type of referral, an employee consents in writing to having information about EAP services released to their employer. The EAP may report things, such as attendance of appointments and compliance with additional and ongoing services. Please refer to Employers Toolbox for the appropriate forms to fill out.

Q. Can an employee refuse to work with the EAP?
A. Regardless of how an employee comes in contact with the EAP, they always retain the right to refuse services. Even when an employer uses an administrative referral, the employee can refuse to accept it. For example, you have an employee who has presented to the workplace impaired by alcohol. This action is a significant violation of your drug and alcohol free policy. You meet with your employee to discuss the consequences of their actions. Your policy clearly states that in this circumstance, employees are required to be assessed by the EAP program using the Administrative Referral process. Your employee assures you that this was a one time situation and they refuse to comply with the referral to the EAP. At this time, the decision about what to do with this employee is yours. Your level of discipline for this employee would be related to their failure to adhere to policy and procedure not their failure to work with the EAP. Refusal of an employee to accept an EAP referral is often a very complicated situation for employers to manage. eviCore EAP is always available to assist the employer in this type of circumstance and will work with you to effectively deal with this difficult position.