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Whether you are a broker or an employer, selecting the right EAP for your customers/employees is critical.

Could my organization benefit from having an EAP?

  1. Are your supervisors spending 25% or more of their time discussing the personal problems their employees are experiencing rather than addressing work-related issues?
  2. Are you concerned that you would not be able to address the issue of an individual in your employ who has exhibited a problem with alcohol or drugs?
  3. Have your supervisors expressed concern over a problem that they know exists with an employee, but do not know where to refer for help?
  4. Are the job, health or family problems of any of your employees affecting their ability to perform their job satisfactorily?

eviCore EAP rests its reputation on our ability to provide your organization with a personalized EAP experience that gives each customer the ability to create a customizable EAP product that will evolve with the changing needs of your employees.

EAPA (Employee Assistance Professionals Association, Inc.) is a national organization that has detailed information about how to evaluate and select an EAP. We encourage you to review the EAP Buyers Guide to help start this evaluation process.

In order for us to provide you with personalized information about your EAP product, please complete this brief Request A Quote form. A eviCore EAP professional will contact you within two business days to review your needs.

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