About Us


Prism Quality EAP, was originated in 1998 by a group of community-based behavioral health organizations in Western New York and transitioned administration to Prism Network in 2001. As part of a rebranding initiative, our name was changed to Palladian EAP in 2010. In 2018, Palladian Health was acquired by eviCore healthcare. We have extensive experience working with employers in a labor-management environment. Our list of clients includes healthcare organizations, manufacturing, and private and public sector agencies. The majority of EAP clients are based in New York State, however, our provider network will accommodate clients on a regional and national level.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Mission is to provide confidential, effective EAP services designed to prevent or quickly resolve problems that are impacting the well-being and performance of an employee. Our Vision to be the leader in providing EAP services that allow employees to bring their healthiest self to the workplace. We achieve our mission and vision by incorporating our five core values into everything we do.

  • - Integrity
  • - Accountability
  • - Collaboration
  • - Quality
  • - Reliability

eviCore EAP defines itself by these values and assures our customers that these core business beliefs are what compel us to provide our customers with an flexiable EAP product.

The following are just a few customer testimonials:

EAP saved my life as well. I was severely depressed and the EAP counselor worked with me and my “life” was restored. EAP has also been an excellent resource when I needed to refer employees.

2018 Referent

The EAP staff are very helpful and timely in responding to inquiries and providing reports regarding compliance with the program.

2018 Human Resource Executive

It is always a pleasure to work the EAP staff. They are always very responsive to my inquires.

2018 Executive

I am happy I learned about EAP as a resource. THIS SHOULD BE REQUIRED CLASS FOR ALL MANAGERS!!!

2017 Training Participant

Great style! Didn’t just read the PowerPoint. Summarized and encouraged class participation.

2017 Training Participant

EAP Team

eviCore EAP can assist your employees at a location that is close to where they live or work. We offer these national resources by integrating our experienced local administrative team, with our nationwide network of EAP affiliated providers. Our clinicians are credentialed and licensed professionals that include social workers, mental health counselors, EAP specialists and psychologists from around the country. eviCore EAP’s reputation is a reflection of the strength of its local team in partnership with its well-qualified and knowledgeable national network. Our EAP is a member of the Rochester Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professional Association.

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Dana joined eviCore EAP in 2005 as the Program Manager. In this role she is responsible for development of new business and oversight of the program. Dana’s extensive career in behavioral health includes a wide range of clinical experiences that include substance abuse and mental health assessments, emergency mental health services and child abuse investigations. Prior to her career at eviCore EAP, Dana was the Program Coordinator for the suicide prevention hotline at Crisis Services in Buffalo, NY. Dana uses her clinical and supervisory experience in providing excellence in outcome and customer service, as her underlying philosophy as eviCore EAP’s Program Manager.
Kim has been with eviCore EAP since its inception in 1998 and has been instrumental in the evolution of eviCore EAP from a small employee assistance program into a comprehensive EAP benefit. She is certified in Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support, along with Group and Advanced Group Crisis Intervention. Kim has worked on designing and implementing EAPs for many organizations, in addition to providing direct EAP services to thousands of employers, employees and their families. Currently, Kim plays a pivotal role in designing, developing and presenting educational training topics to all of our organizations, and is dedicated to bringing proactive solutions to the workplace.
Michael is an Employee Assistance Program Clinician whose counseling practice focuses on supporting individuals with general counseling needs. Michael graduated in 2009 from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Organizational Psychology. Michael is certified in Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support, Group Crisis Intervention, and Advanced Group Crisis Intervention. He is also certified in cognitive therapy for individuals experiencing chronic pain. Currently, Michael enthusiastically works with EAP clients to rapidly assist them with problem identification, reduction and resolution so they can return to their jobs and lives as quickly as possible.